Butterflies in my tummy: Rouge Bunny Rouge
What do skulls, butterflies, cameos and bees have in common?

Lancôme O My Rose palette

I wasn't thrilled with the notion of yet another makeup item with a rose on it for spring, but Lancôme's Coral Flirt blush from the O My Rose spring collection stands out from the crowd.  Tell me this doesn't look Cubist!  Here it is with and without flash:

Coral flirt  

Between the pinkish tones and the geometric, angular planes, the minute I saw it I immediately thought of Picasso's landmark Cubist work, Demoiselles d'Avignon from 1907:

(image from moma.org)

Obviously an analysis of this work and Cubism in general is well beyond the scope of my little blog, but if you want a good quick explanation, check out MOMA's gallery label and this blog entry.  In any case, I was pleasantly surprised by this oh-so-artsy take on the traditional rose.  

I also want to share the rather complicated procurement of this piece!  I couldn't find it anywhere - it was sold out completely online and in every store I called, but eventually I found a Macy's that had one left.  It was too far away for me to come pick it up in store so I asked if they could ring me up over the phone and send it to me.  I was told I could only purchase it over the phone with a Macy's charge, and that the cardholder had to call directly (meaning I couldn't just pass along the credit card info).  The only person I know with a Macy's credit card is my mom, so she ended up calling the counter, putting the blush on her charge and having it sent to me.  Whew!  The things I do for the Museum...good thing my mother is so supportive.  Thanks, Mom!


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